October 1, 2022
Facebook Watch Party

Facebook is Turning Ordinary Groups into Parties with Live Video

Facebook Watch Party, which the social network started testing earlier this year, will now roll out to all Groups, with Pages and Profiles to follow…

Back in January, Facebook began testing a new remote symmetrical experience to help bring people together. It’s called Watch Party. And, it was previously only open to select groups on the platform. Now, several months later, the company is set to bring it to all Groups.

Facebook Watch Party Rolling Out Widely

With the roll out, anyone in a Group can start a Watch Party and even designate co-hosts. The initiator and co-hosts control the playlist, as well as the playback. Anyone in the Group can suggest videos to add to the mix and notifications go out when a party is about to begin. Participants can ask questions, comment, react, and more, all in real-time.

What’s more, group members can peak at a queue to see what videos are coming next. As users watch videos, they see other members’ comments on mobile. While on desktop, comments appear on the right side.

Facebook states it built Watch Party because the company learned live video cause more social interactions than pre-recorded ones. In fact, live videos generate six times more discussion.

During the test phase, the social site discovered some groups hosted parties running over 10 hours. People would periodically pop in and out through the broadcast. So, this is definitely a strong candidate for monetization. Groups are a great place to start,with over 1.4 billion monthly users. And, nearly 2 billion people have already watched Facebook Live streams.

With such early success, the company plans to bring the feature to profiles and pages in the future.

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