July 22, 2021
Facebook Watch reaches 720 million monthly viewers

Facebook Reveals its Watch Platform Now Reaches 720 Million Viewers per Month

Facebook says its Watch video portal now has 720 million monthly viewers, a steep rise from where it started just two years ago…

Social media giant Facebook might still have hope for its on-demand video platform, Watch. The company says it now reaches 720 million viewers per month. That’s a huge change from where it began twenty-two months ago.

Facebook Watch Reaches 720 Million Monthly Viewers

Now, Facebook Watch claims 720 million monthly users, along with 140 million spending at least one minute in the section per day. On average, daily visitors spend over 26 minutes on the platform.

With stronger numbers, Facebook can move forward with investing more in the platform. Just three years ago, Facebook began experiencing a problem with adding more users in key ad markets. The answer, company executives thought, was to foray into video.

So, the social corporation poured obscene amounts of money into the platform. Last year alone, it spent $1 billion in content acquisitions for its streaming section. In January, that translated into 75 million daily viewers.

Now, with more eyes-on, Facebook will bring more content to the platform. For instance, it will debut a rebooted MTV Real World and in July, it will premiere Human Discoveries, a cartoon comedy.

Additionally, the social site will introduce more content in August and fall.

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