July 30, 2021
Facebook Watch viewer ratings struggle

Ever Watch Facebook Watch? No? Turns Out, very Few People Do

Facebook Watch viewer ratings clearly demonstrate people aren’t tuning in and that’s a really big problem for the social network…

It seems Facebook spending tons of money for original content might not fetch a healthy ROI. In fact, it appears the initial investment is largely wasted. At least, this is the current scenario for Facebook’s foray into original content. If “Facebook Watch” is an unfamiliar term, that’s okay; it’s one that actually very few people know. Or, more particularly, engage with. 

Facebook Watch Viewer Ratings Struggle for Audience Numbers

Facebook will reportedly spend up to $2 billion on the platform over the next year. For those who still don’t know, Facebook Watch is a section of the site which offers original programming. But, according to a newly released survey, many adults in the U.S. either don’t know what it is or use it at all.

Research firm Diffusion Group polled 1,632 adults in the U.S. back in May. Of that group, 50 percent report never even hearing about Facebook Watch. Only 24 percent of the respondents know what it is. But, have never even watched any of the content. Just 5 percent state they’ve actually viewed Facebook Watch programming but not recently.

However, 6 percent did report enjoying the content on a daily basis. And, a slightly larger percentage visit shows weekly or once to twice per month. The survey results also suggest the video service, which launched about a year ago, has a base of approximately 50 million in the U.S. and Canada combined, with a deep engagement of around 14 million.

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