August 5, 2021
Facebook WES Simulator Build to Help Combat Trolls and Scammers

Facebook Says it’s Building a Fake Version of its Site Consisting Solely of Bots to Learn about Trolls and Scammers

Facebook is creating an entire clone of its social network, populated entirely by bots to learn how to more effectively deal with trolls and scammers…

There’s no denying the fact that Facebook and other social media sites have problems with trolls and scammers. Although the companies have deployed various measures to help combat these problems, a lot more work lies ahead. So, Facebook says it is building a simulation model that consists exclusively of bots imitating people.

Facebook WES Simulator Build to Help Combat Trolls and Scammers

Facebook has announced a new research program that’s based on what it calls WES or Web-Enabled Simulation. Basically, a shadow of the Facebook platform but inhabited entirely by bots instead of real people. And, these bots will do everything that humans do, such as post content, like, share, and friend profiles. (Or, harass, scam, and abuse.)

The company states that scammer bots might be trained to connect with other bots. This will trigger the same behaviors that already occur on the network in the same way it does with real-world users. Some of the bots might also receive read-only access to the actual Facebook platform. However, researchers do caution:

“…bots must be suitably isolated from real users to ensure that the simulation, although executed on real platform code, does not lead to unexpected interactions between bots and real users.”

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