September 16, 2022
Facebook WhatsApp shortcut

Facebook Testing a WhatsApp Shortcut Button in Main Menu

A Facebook WhatsApp shortcut button is showing up for some Android users, revealing another limited test by the world’s largest social network…

It appears Facebook is in the midst of running yet another test. This time, it’s a Facebook WhatsApp shortcut button which appears in the main navigation menu.

Facebook WhatsApp Shortcut Button Surfaces in Apparent Test

First reported by The Next Web, user Arvind Iyer saw the WhatsApp button in his Android app. When tapped, it opens the subsidiary app without needing to exit the flagship Facebook app. Some users already see an Instagram shortcut button in their main Facebook app. Here’s how that looks:

Facebook Instagram shortcut

It too, functions the same way. When tapped, it launches Instagram without having to leave the Facebook app first. Like many Facebook tests, it’s unclear what markets and users see the WhatsApp shortcut. It is appearing to Android users at this time, although it could pop up on iOS, as well.

In the case of Iyer, he saw the button appear after switching the language setting to Danish. This isn’t surprising considering the social network previously used Denmark for other limited tests.

This is not the first time Facebook placed a WhatsApp button in its main mobile application. In 2015, the company inserted a WhatsApp send button in the main menu. It allowed users to share posts and images with their contacts.

Like previous tests, there is no guarantee if the social giant will adopt and roll out the feature to all users.

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