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Facebook Doesn’t Want Users to Share Out-of-Date Posts Any Longer

Facebook will Alert Users to Out of Date News Stories before Sharing Them

Credit: Facebook

Facebook recently announced it will start telling users that posts are old when people attempt to share outdated information on the social network…

Although social media serves as an ideal medium to share information, what’s shared isn’t always true — or relevant. Facebook recognizes the latter can easily become a source of misinformation, especially when content is outdated. So, the site will start warning user about old content before they have a chance to share it.

Facebook will Alert Users to Out of Date News Stories before Sharing Them

The new prompt will trigger a pop up that appears if something is more than 90 days old. This isn’t exactly new. It’s an expansion of its news verification tools the company rolled out two years ago, in 2018.

Facebook isn’t the only social media site cautioning users about sharing content. Earlier this month, Twitter began experimenting with a new “read article” alert to prompt users to actually read posts before sharing them with others. John Hegeman, the Facebook Vice President of Feed and Stories explains:

“…we’re starting to globally roll out a notification screen that will let people know when news articles they are about to share are more than 90 days old. To ensure people have the context they need to make informed decisions about what to share on Facebook, the notification screen will appear when people click the share button on articles older than 90 days, but will allow people to continue sharing if they decide an article is still relevant.”

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