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Facebook Workplace Free Version Rolls Out

Facebook Workplace Free Version sign up page

Facebook Workplace free version comes to the social media platform, stripped of some enterprise paid premium features but remains packed with functions…

Facebook just launched a freeware version of its productivity suite, Facebook Workplace. Last October, the social network introduced Workplace, a type of intranet, that works much like the social media platform. It includes features such as News Feed, Groups, chat, Events, and more. 

Facebook Workplace Freemium Version Introduced

The new freeware, called “Workplace Standard” serves as an alternative to Workplace Premium. Facebook offers full productivity suite in tiers: $3 per user for up to 1,000 profiles, $2 for each additional for the next 9,000, and $1 per user thereafter.

Credit: Facebook


Upon sign-up, users see the following message, quoted directly from the Facebook Workplace Standard platform:

Workplace isn’t just for talking about work, it’s for getting work done. There are many ways to get started:
If you’ve a great Workplace ‘hack’ for changing the way you work, post about it here.

Facebook likely introduced the free version to entice more small businesses to sign up. Although the social media company won’t officially provide the number of enterprise organizations currently use the premium version, but does claim thousands of paying subscribers. To sign up for Facebook Workplace Standard, simply go to

Facebook continues to make strides to the enterprise world. In February, the company launched a new job posting option on Pages.

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