September 30, 2022
Facebook's Classic Desktop Site Sunsets in September in Favor of the New Facebook

Say Goodbye to Facebook’s Classic Website, it Goes Away for Good in September

Facebook will ditch its classic blue bordered website for its more modern redesign, announced last year and debuted in May as the default…

It’s been over a year since Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg first revealed the new look for Then, it started rolling out this year, with the redesign becoming the default look in May (it also brought with it a dark theme). Now, the social network is making it the only look, come September, when it officially retires its classic user experience. Once Facebook flips the switch, people will no longer have the option to revert back to the old mode.

Facebook’s Classic Desktop Site Sunsets in September in Favor of the New Design

Facebook revamped its desktop site for a number of reasons — principally to keep up with the changing look and feel of the internet. And, to bring its behind-the-scenes coding up-to-date, as well. Engineers at the social portal explained back in April that the old site was just too cluttered, clunky, slow, and out of style. Although the site has experienced minor tweaks over the years, it largely remained the same. 

But, next month, will feature its modern day makeover, with plenty of white space, simpler navigation, faster response, and a more overall aesthetically pleasing look.

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