May 20, 2022
Facebook's Recommendations No Longer include Health Groups

Facebook has Made Yet another Change to its Recommendations Algorithm Last Week

Facebook altered its recommendations algorithms just last week, removing certain Groups from the system due to problematic behaviors…

Since their inception, certain Groups on Facebook have presented a number of issues. Of course, some of them much more than others. It’s not like the social network hasn’t noticed, the company has tried — with various degrees of success — to manage them. But, Facebook is tantamount to admitting it’s failed. At least, when it comes to a particular set of popular Groups on the platform.

Facebook’s Recommendations No Longer include Health Groups

Facebook says that over the course of the last year, it’s removed approximately 1.5 million pieces of content in Groups over policy violations regarding organized hate, of which, 91 percent were detected proactively. Additionally, the company deleted about 12 million pieces of content over hate speech, with 87 percent being removed proactively. What’s more, Facebook states it took down over 1 million groups for breaking its rules.

Now, the social site is taking action against health-related groups, but in a different way. Facebook isn’t outright removing all health groups from its platform but is pulling them out of its recommendations feed. Users will still be able to search for groups, and invite others to join, but health-related groups will no longer appear in suggestions:

“Facebook Groups, including health groups, can be a positive space for giving and receiving support during difficult life circumstances. At the same time, it’s crucial that people get their health information from authoritative sources. To prioritize connecting people with accurate health information, we are starting to no longer show health groups in recommendations. People can still invite friends to health groups or search for them.”

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