May 24, 2022
fake ad blockers

Popular Ad Blockers Identified as Fakes by AdGuard Report

A couple of popular ad blocking extensions for the Google Chrome browser have been identified as fakes, according to AdGuard…

Two popular Chrome extension ad blockers, called AdBlock by AdBlock Inc. and uBlock by Charlie Lee, are likely fakes, according to AdGuard.

Fake Ad Blocker Chrome Extensions Exploit ‘Cookie Stuffing’ Fraud

The claim has merit as users have already reported the tools as fakes but Google has yet to take action against them.

The alleged charlatans real purpose, according to AdGuard, is to exploit users with a scheme known as “cookie stuffing.” 

Cookie stuffing is the practice of building in affiliate cookies into software — in this case, Google Chrome extensions — to earn commissions off real purchases. So, when unsuspecting users visit certain sites and buy thing, the nefarious developers earn commissions.

To-date, the two extensions have 1.6 million active users and are stuffing cookies from 300 websites.

With the scheme being made public, vendors can take action to prevent any further fraud on purchases.

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