October 15, 2021
fake amazon google yelp review problem persists

The Problem with Fake Online Reviews is a Lot Worse than Most American Consumers Realize

Fake online reviews are a huge problem but that’s largely unknown by American internet users, who still do not know the extent of the issue…

Although the majority of American consumers don’t realize it, fake reviews are a super-large problem. Though this is well-known in the SEO community, and among social media and other digital marketers, most people just aren’t aware of the issue. Now, new evidence shows that it the problem hasn’t dwindled.

Fake Internet Review Problem Persists and Larger than American Consumers Realize

Back in April of last year, a report revealed the majority of consumers aren’t aware of fake Amazon reviews. Although it found 90 percent relied on reading reviews, only 30 percent reported trusting reviews on Amazon “at all.” Conversely, 75 percent reported “fully” trusting reviews on Amazon. 

But, this is only one example. The problem is so widespread that the UK Competition and Markets Authority ordered eBay and Facebook to do more to police fake reviews. Then, in September of last year, TripAdvisor revealed it removed or blocked about 1.5 fake reviews the year prior. More recently, in March of this year, Yelp revealed it shut down 550 user profiles for creating fake reviews.

Recently, Curtis Boyd of Objection.co attempted to measure the scale of the problem. Boyd has found the worst offenders are Amazon listings for Bluetooth enabled products and books. Three other categories that contain the most fake reviews on Amazon are weight-loss products, home fitness, and off-brand kitchen products.

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