May 24, 2022
Fake Windows 11 Installer Deploys Malicious Malware RedLine Stealer

A Fake Windows 11 Upgrade Installer is Infecting PCs with this Dangerous Malware

A phony Windows 11 upgrade installer is making its way around the internet, unleashing Redline Stealer malware when downloaded on PCs…

Security experts are warning the public about a new cyber-scheme that’s circulating the web, disguised as a legitimate Windows 11 upgrade installer. Like other internet scams, it’s made to look genuine. But, it actually contains malicious code that infects personal computers running the Windows operating system. Once unloaded, it finds and copies sensitive personal data, which is cataloged and sold on the dark web. 

Fake Windows 11 Installer Deploys Malicious Malware RedLine Stealer

The fraudulent Windows 11 installer has been discovered online, with cyber-security experts warning any gullible consumers who download it will end up with RedLine Stealer, a potent malware that can steal passwords, cryptocurrency wallet information, credit card data, browser info, and a lot, lot more. (RedLine is a relatively common malware that steals all of the usernames and passwords it finds throughout an infected system.)

The cyber-criminals behind the campaign have set up new domains that impersonate Microsoft. In this particular case, researchers have spotted the domain, which looks a lot like an official Microsoft page. Fortunately, that particular website has already been taken down. But, security professionals believe many more are on the web, luring in more victims.

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