August 7, 2022
Facebook data

Faulty Facebook Data Ostensibly Fixed by the Social Network

Faulty Facebook data is ostensibly fixed by the social media platform, righting bad metrics causing controversy by businesses advertising on the network…

Miscounted Facebook data should no longer be a problem for businesses advertising on the social network. The digital products company states it’s made the necessary corrections. Earlier in the year, the platform admitted to faulty metrics, including Live video user reactions.

Bad Facebook Data Now Supposedly Corrected

The measurements for Live video reactions from users should only count the initial ones but a flaw counted subsequent reactions. That’s ostensibly fixed, along with other corrections to the social network’s data.

Because of the correction, Live broadcasters can expect their “Reactions from Shares of Post” count to decline by approximately 25 percent. Conversely, broadcasters using the platform’s Live video should see an increase in their “Reactions on Post” count by about 500 percent, as this includes all reactions and not just unique ones.

Additionally, the company discovered a discrepancy in the number of Shares. That shows different figures depending on which way businesses access the data. Mismatched numbers appeared on its mobile app. This is an ongoing problem the network states it intends to fix.

Furthermore, the platform refined its estimated reach tool to provide enterprises with a more accurate audience reach potential. Ad revenue is huge for the social network, estimated to reach $26 billion by year’s end and hit about $33 billion the end of 2017.

In related news, Facebook denies its main app and Messenger app helped spread ransomware to users.

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