October 1, 2022
FCC Designates Industry Traceback Group as the Official Robocall Identification Consortium

FCC Forms New Partnership to Identify and Punish Robocallers

The US Federal communications Commission has entered into an agreement with several major telecoms to combat the ongoing scourge of illegal robocalls…

A new partnership has been struck between the FCC and some of the biggest names in wireless, VoIP, wire line, and others, led by USTelecom. This, after the federal agency revealed that according to its data, illegal robocalls have been even more prolific during the pandemic. (This does, however, contradict claims by private organizations that the number of automated calls has significantly been reduced during the outbreak, by as much as 50 percent.) Regardless, the federal regulatory body has teamed up with US companies in order to better identify and penalize illegal robocall operations.

FCC Designates Industry Traceback Group as the Official Robocall Identification Consortium

Last week, the Enforcement Bureau of the Federal Communications Commission tasked the Industry Traceback Group to lead the effort to identify operations involved in placing illegal automated calls. The federal agency made this move due to the fact that although there are already several laws against such practices, the FCC can only penalize bad actors if they are accurately identified. So, this is where the new consortium comes into play.

The companies within the group have in recent years built tools and/or are developing and improving technology to identify the sources of illegal robocalls. Now, with the federal partnership and private industry cooperation, it will be easier to track down illegal robocall sources and punish them.

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