June 19, 2021
FCC might Fine Carriers for Failing to Adequately Protect Phone Location Data

FCC could Fine Wireless Carries for Not Protecting Phone Location Data

The Federal Communication Commission is reportedly mulling over the possibility of imposing fines on carriers for not protection phone location data…

The federal government previously warned phone carriers they ran afoul of the law by selling location data and it may soon exact a price for engaging in the practice. According to a recent report by the Wall Street Journal, the FCC plans to levy “hundreds of millions of dollars” against AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile. and Verizon.

FCC might Fine Carriers for Failing to Adequately Protect Phone Location Data

Sources tell the publication that the FCC has determined that carriers failed to protect real-time location information. Thereafter, the regulatory agency sent liability notices that penalties were in the works.

Rumors suggest that while all carriers can expect substantial fines, the most severe would be imposed against T-Mobile and Sprint. The two companies are expected to complete their merger in the coming weeks. And, their new arrangement would make parent companies Deutsche Telekom and SoftBank responsible for any liabilities, up to $200 million. 

The fines shouldn’t come as a surprise to carriers, considering the corporations allegedly sold customers’ location data and also apparently lied to Congress when they said had stopped the practice.

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