August 8, 2022

FCC to Probe Free Google Product

FCC probe google voiceWashington, DC–If a few lawmakers in the United States House of Representatives get their way, one particular Google product will be investigated by the Federal Communications Commission.

A very popular and free service the world’s largest search engine provides it users might be in violation of certain governmental regulations. At least, that’s the way some telephone and cellular companies see it because they are limited in some aspects.

Google Voice is the target of an ongoing debate as it blocks calls to rural exchanges in favor of charging higher prices. Traditional telecommunications companies are prohibited from engaging in this practice, so some of the industry’s corporate entities want the FCC to probe the free service.

And some congressional representatives are apparently agree, asking the Federal Communications Commission to look into the search engine’s voice platform.

Google Voice was launched in March 2009 as “GrandCentral” and was available through invitation only. By October of the same year, the company disclosed it had about 1.4 million subscribers, with nearly 600,000 using the service 7 days a week.

The platform allows users to make free calls from their computers to North American numbers and PC-to-PC calls internationally. The service is also available through a cell phone app.