December 6, 2021
FCC Proposes Record-High $225 Million Robocaller Fine

The FCC Set to Hit a Robocall Firm with a Whopping $225 Million Fine, but There’s Skepticism the Agency will Collect

The Federal Communications Commission is acting to put a stop to robocalls with its highest fine yet, seeking a penalty of $225 million against one firm…

Robocalls continue to persist as a huge problem in the United States. In fact, almost 26 billion scam calls were placed last year in 2019, 44 percent of which were robocalls. Another 8 billion telemarketing calls went out in the US, of which, 14 percent were automated. All together, there were at least 34 billion robocalls placed last year. Now, the Federal Communications Commission is about to make an example of one robocaller.

FCC Proposes Record-High $225 Million Robocaller Fine

The FCC has just recently proposed a record-breaking $225 million find against a Texas-based firm. The company, a health insurance telemarketing corporation, run by Jakob Mears and John Spiller, placed approximately 1 billion spoofed robocalls between January and May of last year alone.

There were so many automated calls placed, it not only caused headaches for the recipients, but also, raised the ire of the companies they were faking. So much, the largest legitimate insurance agencies were inundated with angry customer call-backs. Apparently, there were so many return calls that these overwhelmed the phone network.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and four FCC commissioners all approved the measure. But, Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel noted that previous fines did little. Her commentary pointed out the federal agency only collected just $6,790 in fines as of 2019. This, despite asking for hundreds of millions. What’s more, the DOJ wasn’t doing anything to enforce the FCC’s penalties. Meaning, such fines are little more than show with no real consequences.

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