October 1, 2022
text message caller ID spoofing

New FCC Initiatives Seek Ban for Spoofing Caller ID for Text Messages and Ban for International Robocalls

Text message caller ID spoofing is yet another nuisance plaguing consumers, and the FCC seeks to do something about it, along with international robocalls…

The Federal Communications Commission is advancing its fight against robocalls with more proposed rules. 

FCC Seeks Caller ID Spoofing Ban for Text Messages

Chairman Ajit Pai is seeking to enact laws that would ban text message caller ID spoofing and to stop robocalls which originate from outside the United States.

Over forty state attorney generals have called on the FCC to adopt the new rules. And, the Commission will vote on them August 1st. Chairman Pai said:

“We must attack this problem with every tool we have. With these new rules, we’ll close the loopholes that hamstring law enforcement when they try to pursue international scammers and scammers using text messaging.”

Chairman Pai has made stopping spam calls one of the federal agency’s top priorities. Only last month, the organization voted to allow carriers to automatically block robocalls by default. Additionally, the Federal Trade Commission has also done its part with Operation Call It Quits. The FTC filed a total of 94 actions against entities responsible for making more than 1 billion illegal automated calls. Plus, Congress is working on its own anti-robocall legislation.

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