November 4, 2022
Federal Court Shut Downs Robocall Arizona Firms Responsible for Millions of Illegal Calls

Federal Court Shuts Down Two Arizona-Based Robocall Firms for Making Millions of Scam Calls

A federal court has shuttered two robocall operations based out of Arizona that help facilitate millions of unlawful calls…

Nicholas and Natasha Palumbo are two names most American people don’t know. But, these strangers are responsible for annoying millions of consumers. The US Justice Department says the Arizona couple formed two companies that served as “gateway” carriers which help facilitate millions of robocalls across the country that originated from overseas call centers bent on scamming everyone they could reach.

Federal Court Shut Downs Arizona Robocall Firms Responsible for Millions of Illegal Calls

Both Ecommerce National LLC and SIP Retail sent millions of prerecorded calls from scammers. The fraudsters claimed to be phoning from the Social Security Administration and threatened potential victims with arrest if they did not transfer funds. Unfortunately, some recipients did fall for the scheme. But, a federal court has now banned the couple from working for or forming any entity involved in robocalling. This, after the Justice Department repeatedly warned the two to discontinue their practices which allowed foreign-based robocall rip-offs.

Despite their involvement with the schemes, the couple has not been ordered to pay fines or restitution to the victims, many of which are elderly. However, the Palumbos are facing several civil court claims, suing them for their role in the scams.

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