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Fender Debuts Fender Songs, a New Interactive Chord Book App that Syncs-Up with Apple Music

Fender Songs interactive chord book syncs with Apple Music

Credit: Fender

Fender has unveiled a new mobile app, called “Fender Songs,” an interactive chord book for iOS that syncs with Apple Music…

There’s no question the music industry and the instruments which made it a virtual empire, are in a transitional period. Linear recording is mostly a thing of the past, with non-linear recording typically taking its place.

Instrument sales are down, but the guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard aren’t dead yet. Fender, a leading name in guitars, basses, amps, and others, is now offering a new way to learn the six-string. It’s called Fender Songs and it’s an interactive chord book app that syncs with Apple Music.

Fender Songs Interactive Chord Book App Syncs with Apple Music

Fender Songs differs from Fender Play, which is an app subscription service that offers guitar, bass and ukulele lessons right on people’s computers and mobile devices.

Instead, Fender Songs superimposes chords over lyrics so aspiring players can strum along with their favorite songs. 

What makes it unique is the fact that it syncs up with Apple Music. But, it’s not exactly cheap, either. Fender Songs costs $42 per year or $5 a month ($60 for twelve months). Plus, an Apple Music subscription is necessary.

At this time, the Fender Songs app is only available on iOS but the company is working to release another version for Android. 

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