September 16, 2022
Google organic SERP listings

Fewer Google Organic SERP Listings Show on Page One

There are now fewer Google organic SERP listings displaying on the first page, decreasing from 10 links to an average of 8.5 links…

A Searchmetrics 2016 study reveals the Google organic search engine results page listings have dropped from 10 blue links to an average of 8.5 links.

Although there are fewer results returned today compared to last year, listings are now supplemented with featured snippets, app packs, knowledge panels, images, videos and more. Such augmentation provides users with more information quicker, reducing the need to conduct additional searches.

The change is a result of how often users interact with image, video, product listing ads, news and map integration. It also reflects the dynamic relationship between the search engine and its processing of 3.5 billion queries per day.

Credit: Searchmetrics

About One Less Link in Google Organic SERP Listings are being Returned from User Queries

Google continues to show rich results on desktop and mobile devices alike, but frequency depends on the queries and search categories. About 1 out of 10 mobile queries return mobile app packs. Additionally, desktop results are twice as likely to return direct answers or featured snippets than mobile.

The chart below details percentages of rich results, by type on desktop versus mobile:

Credit: Searchmetrics

In September, Google began including AMP or accelerated mobile pages in its organic search results. In related news, the search giant announced websites previously punished by Penguin would start the recovery process.

Google also recently introduced an advanced verification process for top contributors, as well as locksmiths and plumbers. If companies fail to comply by November 1st, their listings will result in removal from Google Maps. Currently, the program is running in beta in San Diego but might expand to other cities.

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