July 28, 2021
Files by Google surpasses 500 million downloads from the Play Store

Files by Google has Now been Installed more than Half a Billion Times

Files by Google, previously known as Files Go, a file management app, now claims over 500,000,000 downloads from the Play Store…

Released just over two years ago in December of 2017, Files by Google (formerly called Files Go), Files by Google has managed to amass more than half a billion users. The file management app, which helps people to wipe away unnecessary stuff on their devices, was first developed to offer relief to users in emerging markets and/or those with older or limited devices.

Files by Google Surpasses 500 Million Downloads from the Play Store

Files by Google accomplished the feat of surpassing 500 million installs from the Play Store, despite the fact it doesn’t come pre-installed on most third-party devices. Instead, it only ships with Pixel phones. And, considering the fact there’s a number of file management apps out there with loyal user bases, it’s an even more impressive milestone.

Perhaps the reason for its popularity is the fact that it’s very easy and intuitive to use, boasts a simple interface, and does not contain ads. Moreover, it runs seamlessly on just about any Android device on which it’s installed. Comparatively, many rival file management apps are more complicated to use, are more bloated in size, and do display ads. 

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