January 27, 2022
Finsta accounts

Parents Beware: Finsta Accounts becoming More Prevalent

Finsta accounts are popular, secret profiles children create to share all kinds of posts they do not want on their Instagram page…

Facebook isn’t for tweens or teens. At least, that’s the undeniable trend. More children prefer Instagram and Snapchat. But, with parents looking on and following, not all content is appropriate to post. That’s why kids are turning to alternative profiles. Known as Finsta or Finstagram, these are fake Instagram accounts and they’re quite popular.

Finsta Accounts Hide Secret Child Profiles

A study of 1,500 middle and high school students by The Social Institute reveals 62 percent use Instagram. Another 58 use Snapchat. Texting came in first at 98 percent use but Facebook utilization is very meager, with only a 7 percent use.

As more adults, young and old, join Instagram, children already on the platform are creating alternate profiles to keep mom, dad, teachers, and administrators in the dark. It’s a super easy process. Kids simply create a new profile (usually under a pseudonym referred to as a “Rinsta”). Then, secretly share those profiles with peers. Kids typically lock their Finsta accounts or set them to private. But, they are also careful not to follow everyone who they already or would follow through their normal Instagram account.

The practice has been going on for some time. And, it’s been enabled by an Instagram account switching feature which debuted last year. For some, it’s just a profile to show off silly sides. But for others, it’s used for mischievous, illegal, and/or illicit behavior. The Finsta profiles trend skews toward girls due to their higher need of peer approval, but boys also use them.

This phenomenon isn’t likely to change soon, as more children abandon or outright surpass Facebook for Instagram and Snapchat. In fact, a new forecast by E-Marketer predicts a decline of 3.4 percent in 12 to 17-year-old Facebook usage. There’s even a term for those who do not join the world’s largest social network: “Facebook Nevers.”

Regardless, it’s important to know how children are using social media and for what purposes.

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