Firefox Introduces Experimental Browser Extension ‘Advance’ through its Test Pilot Program

Firefox Advance browser extension

The newly launched Firefox ‘Advance’ browser extension is an experimental tool which suggests articles based on interests and browsing history…

Firefox just released an experimental browser extension called “Advance.” It recommends new websites and articles based on previously shown interests and browsing history. “

Firefox ‘Advance’ Browser Extension Now available in Test Pilot Program

Advance works in two ways. It surfaces a “Read Next” section, recommending articles related to a current open tab. Another part of the tool, called “For You” uses recent history to recommend similar items. For instance, after browsing a list of popular eateries, Advance recommends similar restaurants for comparison.

“Advance delivers real-time recommendations to your Firefox sidebar while you browse. Advance uses your current browsing to suggest related news and similar pages to read next, and uses your browsing history to create a personalized feed of quality content.”

This differs from the browser’s sponsored Pocket integration, which displays recommended reads, along with ads. So, Advance is an ad-free experience. (Although Mozilla might eventually monetize it, if the tool proves successful.)

Credit: Firefox

Advance uses machine learning, courtesy of startup Laserlike, a company specializing in recommendations. Users have full control over Advance, include data collected and the power to disable the feature.

The new recommendations browser extension is now available through the Test Pilot Program.

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