October 26, 2021
Firefox browser zero-day flaw patch

Now is the Time to Update the Firefox Browser to Fix a Zero-Day Security Flaw

An emergency Firefox browser zero-day flaw patch is out for download, to avoid a vulnerability in JavaScript objects causing crashes…

Firefox users ought to check their browsers to ensure they are running the latest release. Mozilla, the maker of Firefox, is warning people the browser contains a zero-day flaw being exploited out in the wild.

Firefox Browser Zero-Day Flaw Patch Released

Fortunately, there’s a Firefox browser zero-day flaw patch for installation to avoid any mishaps. Here’s a description of the issue at-hand:

“A type confusion vulnerability can occur when manipulating JavaScript objects due to issues in Array.pop. This can allow for an exploitable crash. We are aware of targeted attacks in the wild abusing this flaw.”

It’s not clear just what hacker might do when compromising the exploit. It could be to steal cryptocurrency or other nefarious intentions.

Updating is simple. Just open the hamburger menu and then type “Update” into the search box. Then, hit the “Restart to update Firefox” button. It’s also just as easy as clicking here to download the latest version.

Once the update applies, a message reading, “Congrats! You’re using the latest version of Firefox” appears after relaunching the browser.

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