September 18, 2022
Firefox default web tracking

Firefox Default Web Tracking Blocker goes Live

Firefox default web tracking is now live and working on all of Mozilla’s browsers, relying on blacklists to identify culprits…

Mozilla, the company behind the Firefox web browsers, has added a new privacy feature. Already live, Firefox browsers will block thousands of web trackers by default.

Firefox Default Web Tracking Blocker goes Live

The new default Firefox web tracking blockers will protect users against websites, analytics companies, as well as advertisers. 

With the change, Mozilla’s browsers should work faster and help to keep users’ online habits more private. It should also have the benefit of getting advertisers to change their practices to be less invasive.

Apple did something quite similar a few years back. Although, the Apple Safari browser blocks almost every third-party tracker by default. Firefox, however, relies on blacklists to identify trackers, which is less than Apple’s more wholesale approach.

By doing so, Mozilla hopes to strike a balance between user privacy and third-party trackers. The new default Firefox web tracking blocking tool is already live on the main browser and will come to its other portals over the coming months.

This puts Firefox and Safari ahead of competitor Chrome, which has only begun to integrate tracking blockers. Of course, Google’s main source of revenue comes from selling ads.

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