May 20, 2022
Firefox Enables DNS over HTTPS Feature for Users in the United States

Firefox Fires Up Controversial Network Privacy Setting for Users in the US

Firefox has thrown the switch that green-lights DNS over HTTPS, a way to thwart ISPs from tracking its browser users in the US…

Mozilla has started to enable a new privacy setting in its Firefox browser for all its users in the United States that makes it much more difficult for internet service providers to track people online. It’s called DNS over HTTPS or DOH, and it protects a crucial internet addressing technology through encryption.

Firefox Enables DNS over HTTPS Feature for Users in the United States

Mozilla has been testing a new user privacy tool for months and now, it’s starting to go live for Firefox browser users in the US. It’s an incremental roll out, which should reach everyone in the country over the next few weeks.

DOH, although a bit controversial, makes a good fit in an industry that’s increasingly implementing more privacy controls, after numerous data breaches over the past few years.

As a result of a number of public scandals over leaked personal data, Mozilla, Apple, and even Google and Facebook are making adjustments.

Max Hunter, an engineering director at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an online privacy group writes in-part, in a recent blog post:

“DNS over HTTPS has the potential to close one of the largest privacy gaps on the web.”

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