November 2, 2022
Firefox 63 Enhanced Tracking Protection

The Latest Version of Firefox Now Stops Cookies from Tracking Users from Site to Site

A new Firefox Enhanced Tracking Protection tool stop cookies from tracking users from one site to the next in its latest efforts to offer more privacy…

Firefox might not have the market share of Google Chrome. But, it continues to make strides toward adopting a more privacy-centered experience.

Today, in its latest iteration, comes with a new feature called Enhanced Tracking Protection. And, it blocks third-party cookies from tracking people as they browse the web.

Firefox Enhanced Tracking Protection Prevents Cookie Tracking across Websites

The Firefox Enhanced Tracking Protection is now live and it’s easily accessible. Find it in the Settings section under Privacy & Security. Click on “Content Blocking” then check the boxes below:

Firefox Enhanced Tracking Protection settings

It also works on a site-by-site basis, so users can pick and chose which which sites to white-list. (This option is available because the tool might wreak havoc on certain sites.) So, it’s possible to disable the block on specific sites, just like a regular ad-blocker.

Right now, it’s only user-enabled, so people must opt-in. The company states it’s planning to turn it on by default beginning next year. Firefox 63 also brings with it a light and dark theme, along with Siri shortcuts on Firefox iOS.

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