February 25, 2021
Firefox extension support glitch

Firefox Extensions Break because of Certificate Expiration

A Firefox extension support glitch resulted in the abrupt stoppage of third-party software for several hours over the weekend…

The team over at Mozilla had to jump into action this weekend due to a sudden outage which affected Firefox extensions.

Firefox Extension Support Glitch causes Outages

Beginning Friday evening ET (midnight UTC/GMT) a necessary certificate expired, which caused extensions to immediately stop working.

Nearly seven hours later, at 6:50 AM EST, the support team announced a fix. Users were advised to enable “studies” to correct the issue:

“10:50 a.m. UTC / 03:50 a.m. PDT: We rolled-out a fix for release, beta and nightly users on Desktop. The fix will be automatically applied in the background within the next few hours, you don’t need to take active steps.

In order to be able to provide this fix on short notice, we are using the Studies system. You can check if you have studies enabled by going to Firefox Preferences -> Privacy & Security -> Allow Firefox to install and run studies.

You can disable studies again after your add-ons have been re-enabled.

We are working on a general fix that doesn’t need to rely on this and will keep you updated.”

The same problem occurred nearly three years ago.

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