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Firefox goes After Chrome by Giving its Browser a Speed Enhancement

Firefox increases browser speed

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Firefox increases browser speed by eliminating unneeded clutter, which can increase performance by as much as 80 percent…

The Mozilla team is about to go after its Google Chrome rival with yet another much-wanted browser feature — faster speeds. Last year, the Firefox Quantum browser brought quicker response times to the web. Now, it’s about to get even faster.

Firefox Increases Browser Speed Performance

The most recent release of the web portal prioritizes its performance management “to-do” list. This allows for the browser to load pages between 40 percent and 80 percent quicker than before.

The newest version of the browser will suspend idle tabs, delay less-used scripts, as well as skip over any unnecessary work upon startup.

What’s more the latest build includes a slew of new privacy features. Three of which are fingerprinting, cryptomining blockers, along with personalization of private browsing sessions. (Which means users won’t have to manually enter passwords in private mode.)

Also, users will have the ability to enable or disable add-ons and web extensions during private browsing.

Firefox additionally adds other new features. These include a fully accessible browser toolbar, an update for smoother video playback, and a WebRender update, which makes the experience more responsive and efficient. 

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