September 24, 2022
Firefox Monitor data security tool

Firefox has a New Tool that Alerts Users to Data Breaches

The new Firefox Monitor data security tool will alert the browsers’ users if someone has stolen their personal information…

Team Mozilla just released a new security tool which will help its browser users keep on-top of access to their personal information. Firefox Monitor is a new service which allows users to check if their data has been compromised. 

Firefox Monitor Security Feature Announced

Firefox Monitor also allows people to register with the service. Doing so sends out alerts to potential incidents as well as detected threats. The functionality actually comes through Have I Been Pwned, a site which launched about five years ago.

It’s a relatively small organization. But, it’s offering is particularly useful. And, since Firefox enjoys such a large usership, it should expand its reach greatly. The move follows the recent trend in strengthening online security. Passwords may become extinct in the not-too-distant future.

Earlier this month, Google Chrome took another step in the same direction. The Chrome browser now helps its users out by automatically generating random passwords so they don’t reuse the same login credentials from site to site.

Additionally, other efforts are currently underway to get people away from bad habits. And, to also provide a solution to an old and now, much compromised standards of password-only security. One such example is use of biometrics, like fingerprints. Another is use of USB tokens.

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