May 20, 2022
Firefox Multiple Picture-in-Picture Video Windows Support Coming Soon

Firefox will Soon Let its Users have Multiple Picture-in-Picture Video Windows Open

Mozilla is working to bring a neat new feature to its Firefox browser, improving picture-in-picture support by allowing multiple windows…

The introduction of picture-in-picture capabilities within we browsers dramatically changed how many people watch videos online. Instead of being tied to watching content in a window or tab, picture-in-picture made it possible to view footage in a dedicated, always-on-top, floating window. Now, Mozilla is seeking to improve upon that ability by letting Firefox users have two or more windows open at one time.

Firefox Multiple Picture-in-Picture Video Windows Support Coming Soon

Multiple picture-in-picture video windows support would be helpful in some situations. For instance, the ability to compare video footage during production. Or, watching different sports games at once. Better yet, for those who want to see the feature in action right now, it’s already available. (Although it requires running Firefox Nightly version 84, the experimental version of the web portal.)

In order to experience multiple picture-in-picture mode, start Firefox Nightly, then type “about:config,” and search for “media.videocontrols.picture-in-picture.allow-multiple.” Select “True,” and restart Firefox to enable the feature. That should trigger the necessary support to run multiple picture-in-picture windows. Of course, since this is still under development, it might not run bug-free.

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