May 20, 2022
Firefox Pinch-to-Zoom Option Debuts

Years After its Competitors, Firefox Finally Brings a Pinch-to-Zoom Option to its Browser

Mozilla has finally built a missing and important feature into its Firefox browsers other web portals have had for years: pinch-to-zoom…

For years now, the most recognizable browsers have let users pinch-to-zoom. But, one web portal hasn’t adopted the feature — until now. After a very long absence, Mozilla has built the option into its Firefox browser. Although it’s not exactly the most exciting gesture control, it’s a foundational one that has existed for several years, nearly a decade in competitor browsers by Google, Microsoft, and Apple.

Firefox Pinch-to-Zoom Option Debuts

Starting with Firefox 83, users will have the ability to pinch-to-zoom. While it might seem strange to the layperson as to why it would take so long to bring the feature to the browser, its apparently a lot more difficult than one would suppose. In fact, a spokesperson from Mozilla tells The Verge that adding support for the option is much more complex than it seems:

“The new pinch to zoom feature appears smooth and easy to use. Behind the scenes it is rather a technical feature to build and test. We’ve had several user requests to improve and we’re happy that we were able to ship it out in this month’s release.”

Apple first released the tool back in 2011 for Safari. Then, in 2012, Microsoft added it to Internet Explorer on Windows 8 touchscreens. Google started experimenting with the tool sometime in 2013 and built it into Chrome OS in 2014.

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