October 17, 2021
Firefox Preview version 3

Firefox Releases Preview 3.0 includes Improved Protection from Tracking, the Ability to Place the Toolbar on Top, and More

Firefox Preview version 3.0 brings with it a new option to pin the toolbar to the top, better protection against tracking, and other features…

Mozilla has been busily working on a totally new version of Firefox for Android for some time now. The company plans to release it as a stable version next year. But, until that time, it’s pushed out Preview 3.0, which introduces some nifty new features.

Firefox Preview 3.0 Adds Enhanced Tracking Protection, Top Toolbar Placement Option, and More Features

Firefox Preview version 3.0 adds improved tracking protection, helping keep users’ activity less susceptible to data-grabbing websites. Also, there’s a new option to pin the toolbar to the top of the mobile browser. And, it can automatically block autoplay, along with background playback, through system settings.

Plus, the browser has removed the share, bookmark, and reader shortcuts from behind the address bar in the swipe up sheet. (The options are still accessible through the three-dot overflow menu.)

With Firefox Preview 3.0, users can also fore enable zoom on all websites and there’s now an option to add custom search engines.

Mozilla writes on its blog:

“Over the past 5 months we’ve been working diligently on improvements to the app. We’ve been listening closely to user feedback and are basing app development on users’ requests and needs.”

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