August 8, 2020
Firefox Test Pilot Price Wise

New Firefox Experiment allows Users to Seek Out the Best Shopping Deals

A Firefox Test Pilot Price Wise experimental feature is now available in select countries, giving users the ability to comparison shop…

Firefox features a program called Test Pilot. Within it, there are opportunities to try out different tools. Its latest experiment is called “Price Wise,” an online shopping comparison tool. 

Firefox Test Pilot Price Wise Experiment Rolls Out

The new Firefox Test Pilot Price Wise tool works simply enough. Participants simply add various items to lists, from different retailers. When an item’s price drops, the user receives a desktop notification. Clicking on the link opens the product page.

Currently, the new Firefox Test Pilot Price Wise feature is only available in the United States, with retailers Best Buy, eBay, Amazon, Walmart, and The Home Depot. (Although, Firefox says it will add more in the future.)

Here’s a short explainer video about the new Firefox Test Pilot Price Wise tool:

Meanwhile, the same experimental team at Firefox has also introduced another option called “Email Tabs.” It allows users to send links of all open tabs in the browser, instead of emailing themselves.

Firefox recently introduced a new privacy feature which stops cookies from tracking users from site to site. It also introduced a tool which alerts users to data breaches back in September.

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