July 3, 2022
Firefox website notification request blocker

Firefox is Testing a New Way to Deal with Those Super Annoying Website Notification Requests — It’s Blocking Them

Firefox is currently running an experiment which blocks those familiar website notification requests through the end of the month…

Everyone is familiar with those interrupting website notification requests which pop-up, asking for permission to send alerts every time new content goes live. These cause momentary and annoying disruptions, reducing the quality of any experience.

Firefox Website Notification Request Blocking Experiment Begins

Sure, most people just click the “No” button and move on. But, the mere fact this action is required on so many sites seriously begs the question if it’s something we all must live with. Or, is it time to do something about them?

The team over at Mozilla, who is behind the popular Firefox browser certainly think the answer is the latter. 

And, their decision is backed by very solid numbers. According to data collected by Mozilla during December and January, under three percent of notification requests sent through Firefox were granted by users. That’s right, less than 3 percent; meaning 97 percent were ignored or denied.

Additionally, the same data reveals 1 in 5 users immediately left the sites sending the requests. This represents a 20 percent abandonment rate, which is most certainly significant.

Now through April 29th, Firefox Nightly will only display notification requests only after users have clicked or typed on a site. Beginning April 15th, Firefox will display an icon in the address bar which indicates sites attempting to show notifications.

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