December 2, 2020
Flickr photo limit

Flickr Says it’s Now Deleting Users’ Photos if They’re Over the Limit, Starting Today

The Flickr photo limit of 1,000, is now being strictly enforced, beginning today for all non Pro accounts and there are few exceptions…

Nearly a year ago SmugMug acquired Flickr, a photo sharing service. At the time, it promised to bring the platform back to its core and improve. Now, the company is beginning to take real stock of its own policies. Flickr is now actively deleting pictures from its site for users over the limit.

Flickr Photo Limit Strict Enforcement Date Announced

The strict Flickr photo limit enforcement is underway and will impact anyone without a $50 per-year Pro account. The only other exemption is for images which are protected by a Creative Commons license. However, even people with such content are no longer allowed to go past the non-Pro limit of 1,000.

There may or may not be time left to act. If it’s viable, the best option is to go right to the Flickr Camera Roll and click on and start downloading. Then, purge those pics right away to free-up space. (A bit quicker method is to download entire albums. But, this only pertains to albums and not individual items.)

This is a clear sign SmugMug isn’t continuing on with the old model of ad-supported space. Instead, by taking this step, it forces users to only upload the best shots in their portfolio. Or, resign to open up a Pro account for more space.

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