October 1, 2022
Flipboard TV expands to all Android and iOS mobile devices

Flipboard TV is Getting Serious about Video as it Expands to All Android and iOS Devices

Flipboard TV is expanding access to its video curation to all Android and iOS mobile devices, but it’s ad-supported outside Samsung phones…

After a decade, Flipboard is ready to get a lot more serious about video. The company launched Flipboard TV exclusively on Samsung devices earlier this year. But, that was it, no other Android (or iOS) phones would support it. Now, that’s changing as Flipboard TV is opening to all Android and iOS mobile devices. But, there’s a catch, which could well be a deal killer for some folks, of course.

Flipboard TV Expands to All Android and iOS Mobile Devices

Obviously, video is very popular with consumers. So, Flipboard TV should gain a sizable number of users with this move. However, it is ad-supported — only Samsung phone owners can enjoy an ad-free version for $3 per month. Everywhere else though, users will see pre-roll ads as new videos queue to watch. The company will keep its ad-free version of Flipboard TV exclusive to Samsung, at least for now.

With the latest release of Flipboard TV there are several new publishers on the platform, including Complex Networks, Vice Media Group, and Refinery29. They join hundreds of others, bringing the total number of source up to nearly three hundred. Flipboard is also expected to make its video app a more immersive experience as the company learns more about viewers’ behaviors.

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