October 3, 2022
Forbes mobile site progressive web app

Forbes Mobile Site Progressive Web App Rolling Out

Tuesday, the Forbes mobile site progressive web app began its launch to make the digital news product perform better for improved user experience…

With its signature interstitial quote greetings and slow load times, Forbes doesn’t provide a good mobile user experience. But now, that’s changing as the news organization announces it is relaunching its mobile site as a progressive web app. Backed by Google, the PWA initiative provides enhanced UX in a number of ways.

Forbes Mobile Site Progressive Web App Now Launching

On Tuesday, Forbes began rolling out its new mobile site progressive web app. The company states it takes just 0.8 seconds to load, down from 3 to 12 seconds on its old mobile site. The move comes as the news outlet realizes its outdated digital platform. Until now, Forbes is “known for having a slower site than average and a more hefty ad experience,” Salah Zalatimo, Forbes’ senior VP of product development, told NiemanLab.

Taking advantage of PWA technology is a big step for the company. For those unfamiliar, PWAs or progressive web apps are technology which function much like native apps. However, there is no need for download, freeing up space on mobile devices. And, PWAs already work on all mobile devices but have added functionality on the Android platform. Android users have the ability to add a shortcut to their home screens. Once added, PWAs work offline and can send push notifications.

About 60 percent of all Forbes’ traffic comes via mobile. With this adoption, the company estimates that figure will rise to 80 percent in coming years. With the change, Forbes introduces a new story format it calls Cards modeled after Snapchat Stories.

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