August 8, 2020
Android malware

Delete these Android Apps Right Now because They’re Infected with Malware Code to Deploy Adware

Data security and cybersecurity firm TrendMicro has uncovered nearly fifty apps in the Google Play Store containing Android malware…

The constant threat of malware pops-up on a regular basis. Just a few weeks ago, Google issued a warning to some 8 million Play Store users after finding malicious code. Now, a fresh report from security firm TrendMicro reveals another 49 apps are laden with Android malware.

Forty-Nine Apps Contaminated with Android Malware Found in the Google Play Store

The mobile apps containing the Android malware are photo programs and games. In total, they’ve been installed on 3 million devices to-date. 

Said applications deploy adware but only after waiting several hours after initial download. The delay is designed to trick mobile device owners into thinking the latest install is not the cause. However, it does trigger a fake Chrome shortcut on the home screen, one that serves as a disguise to conceal the adware browser.

TrendMicro explains:

“Similar to our previous disclosures, these latest apps disguise their icons and push full-screen ads onto a victim’s device. The user cannot use the usual methods to exit the ad — it can only be closed by clicking the back or home key.”

Here’s a list of the apps infected with Android malware to delete:

Android malware app list
Credit: TrendMicro

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