October 1, 2022
new Google Local Guides badges

Google Introduces Four New Local Guides Badges

Four new Google Local Guides badges roll out to the platform today, including Reviewer, Photographer, Trailblazer, and Fact Finder…

Google just updated its Local Guides program to include four new badges. Now, Reviewer, Photographer, Trailblazer, and Fact Finder join the mix. 

Four New Google Local Guides Badges Introduced

For those unfamiliar, Google Local Guides is a voluntary program allowing individuals to contribute reviews, photos, and more to Maps. Now, Local Guides can earn more advanced badges for posting more content. Google is also counting past contributions. So, some Local Guides might already be deemed an Expert Reviewer or a Master Photographer.

Google Local Guides badges
Credit: Google

To see the new badges and learn more about the Google Local Guides program, go here.

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