November 5, 2022
France Fines the Apple Corporation €25 Million over iPhone Throttling Issue

France Slaps Apple with a €25 Million Fine for Throttling Old iPhones and Not Telling Device Owners they Could Avoid the Slowdown

The French government has levied a €25 million fine against Apple over its OEM hardware practices for not being transparent with its customers…

A regulatory agency in France has come down hard on the Apple corporation over its dealings with older iPhone models. The penalty stems from how the tech company handled situations which involved devices that were released years ago.

France Fines the Apple Corporation €25 Million over iPhone Throttling Debacle

The French General Directorate for Competition Policy, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control, or DGCCRF, has announced that Apple has agreed to pay a fine of €25 million and post a press release on its website for period of one month.

The arrangement between the government of France and the Apple corporation follows negotiations after an official probe over the business’ hardware practices in regard to older iPhone models, which created a controversy that began in 2017.

At that time, device owners noticed a slowdown in there mobile handhelds, after an update was released and applied. Said update, which came in release 10.2.1, was designed to prevent unexpected shutdowns due to the larger disparity between the operating system’s increased needs and the fact that older batteries had already started to degrade.

While the change itself was not out-of-bounds of French law, the sticking points mostly had to do with the lack of communication between Apple and its customers.

The corporation never informed device owners that by upgrading their batteries, they would not be affected. So, people simply assumed that purchasing an entirely new (and very expensive) phone was their only alternative.

Furthermore, the company did not offer people an option to roll back to a previous version of iOS, which would also let them avoid throttling. Instead, Apple refrained from providing a software rollback.

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