November 28, 2021
Free Ad-Supported Google Play Movies Code Discovered

Google Might Start Offering Films to Watch for Free through Google Play Movies Ad-Supported Format

Google is apparently about to release a new feature which would allow people to watch flicks for free, via an ad-supported model on Google Play Movies…

It looks like Google is about to bring an option it added to YouTube back in November of last year to Google Play Movies & TV. According to XDA Developers, there’s code tucked away that would let people watch films free-of-charge, on an ad-supported format, of course.

Free, Ad-Supported Google Play Movies Code Discovered

A handful of strings in the code reveal that the entertainment platform will offer “hundreds of movies” that will be available “free with ads.” So, it won’t be a matter of trying to hunt down a couple or a few films to watch, but it seems like it will be conspicuous, making them easy to find.

However, what isn’t clear is just what types of movies the platform will offer viewers. If it’s anything like it is on YouTube, the titles will mostly be B- and C-list types. Still, it provides yet another source of entertainment and there could well be some classics or other gems.

Since this comes from an exploration into the latest version of the mobile application, so it might or might not make its way out to public release.

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