May 26, 2022
free online Nikon photography courses available during April 2020

Learn Photography for Free from Nikon’s Online Courses this Month During the Coronavirus Quarantine

Nikon is now offering ten free photography courses online through the month of April amidst the ubiquitous COVID-19 lock-downs…

Even though it’s not possible to necessarily roam freely about, there’s still much to do indoors — as well as those brief, outdoor breaks. From podcasts to streaming, to video and board games, there’s enough to keep people occupied. Now, Nikon is doing its part to help people out during the coronavirus outbreak shelter-in-place policies.

Free Online Nikon Photography Courses available through April 2020

The Nikon corporation is offering 10 photography classes, free of charge, online, that cumulatively add up to a total of $250 (each costing between $15 and $50). The materials cover a wide variety of skills, from landscape photography to macro skills, to camera-specific tips and tricks, and more. 

All that’s needed to take advantage of the free online photography classes is to provide a name and address. Other than that, just about any camera will suffice (although more advanced models will certainly offer more worthwhile value). To check out the free online photography courses, just go here.

Nikon explains about its offer:

“Nikon’s mission has always been to empower creators. In these uncertain times, we can do that by helping creators stay inspired, engaged and growing.”

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