July 3, 2022
Free Tier YouTube Music Users can Now Download Playlists of Previously Uploaded Tracks

YouTube Music Lifts its Restriction of Downloading Previously Uploaded Playlists on the Free Tier

YouTube Music continues to evolve and improve, and it now allows users on the free plan to download playlists of tracks previous uploaded…

The long death of Google Play Music just keeps playing out. As it’s retired on a number of fronts, including no longer selling tracks, as well as losing support to cast to streaming devices, Google is working overtime to bring its successor, YouTube Music, up to speed. Now, it appears yet another option is available that wasn’t present on the free tier before — the ability to download playlists of previously uploaded tunes.

Free Tier YouTube Music Users can Now Download Playlists of Previously Uploaded Tracks

This seemingly works for anyone who has already migrated their GPM library over to YTM. Users on the free plan can now download playlists containing any previously-owned music. Plus, it reportedly works for both Android and iOS, which is a big step to bring it to parity with its predecessor. (It’s also a necessary move, given those consumers already purchased tracks and should have unfettered access to their digital music purchases.) One Reddit user commented:

“I noticed late last night that, scrolling through a long playlist, it was no longer loaded piecemeal, but in full. Surprised by the change, I decided to hit the Download button and see if that had changed too… and it has! It now pops up saying “Only uploaded music can be played offline,” and then lets you download whatever uploads are on your playlist (in the case of my Your Likes autoplaylist, that’s everything!).”

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