June 21, 2022
Free YouTube Music Background Listening Option to Debut in Canada

YouTube Music will Offer Background Listening for Free Starting November 3rd, but Only in This One Market

YouTube Music is about to add background playback to its platform, at no cost, but only in Canada for the feature’s initial roll out…

YouTube Music is finally putting an end to one of its most frustrating limitations — being able to continue to listen while performing other tasks on a mobile device (or even when the screen goes off). It’s a feature that’s long been available elsewhere, but conspicuously absent on YouTube Music. Now, it’s not only being added, it will work with standard, ad-supported accounts, along premium subscriptions, who’ve already enjoyed the experience.

Free YouTube Music Background Listening Option to Debut in Canada

Although everyone on YouTube Music will get access to background listening at some point — probably — it will only debut in Canada to start. YouTube background playback will debut on Wednesday, November 3rd. This will put the streaming service more on par with its competitors, who have long offered the feature, including Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Tidal, and others.

For now, parent company Google isn’t saying when it will expand background listening on YouTube Music to other countries. But, it probably won’t be too long before it arrives in other markets, joining the benefits of offline downloads, and seamlessly switch between regular audio and music videos.

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