September 20, 2022
Fresh FaceTime Update Improves Video Calling Quality on Old iPhone Models

Older iPhone Owners will Enjoy Improved FaceTime Calls, Thanks to a New Update

LFaceTime calls now support higher resolution on older iPhone devices, for improved conversation quality, courtesy of an unannounced update…

Although Apple released iOS 14.2 last month, the tech giant didn’t make a point of mentioning it made a significant change to how FaceTime handles calls. More particularly, the fact that the improvement wouldn’t just be restricted to newer models. However, the company quietly updated its product comparison pages of certain handhelds to reflect the new experience.

Fresh FaceTime Update Improves Video Calling Quality on Old iPhone Models

The change affects iPhones 8, X, XR, XS, SE, and 11 — including the Max and Pro versions. Now, those models support FaceTime in 1080p over WiFi, though previously, they only supported 720p resolution. That’s good news for anyone conversing over wireless fidelity. But, people relying on cellular connections for their FaceTime sessions will stay in the lower resolution.

While it’s great Apple decided to up its FaceTime quality, it won’t exactly blow iPhone owners’ minds. Though HD definitely offers improved quality, it’s not a huge leap from 720p. Still, it’s a nice upgrade and one that will be welcome to anyone on an older model iPhone.

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