July 31, 2021
FTC alleges Tapplock does not secure personal data

FTC Files Complaint Against this Smart Lock Maker, Alleging it Doesn’t Secure Personal Data

The Federal Trade Commission is asserting that smart lock manufacturer Tapp, the company behind Tapplock, mislead the public about its product…

The one simple premise behind any lock is that it secures a space from intrusion. Regardless if it’s a key, combination, or smart lock, its lone function is to keep things safe. Turns out, one smart lock on the market does not live up to its maker’s claims, according to the US Federal Trade Commission.

FTC Alleges Tapplock does Not Secure Personal Data

The FTC has filed a complaint again Tapplock, a Canadian-based company, alleging the corporation’s claims about its smart lock products, are fraudulent. 

Andrew Smith, director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, explains in a written statement:

“We allege that Tapplock promised that its Internet-connected locks were secure, but in fact the company failed to even test if that claim was true. Tech companies should remember the basics—when you promise security, you need to deliver security.”

The complaint comes after three separate security researchers discovered “critical physical and electronic vulnerabilities” in the locks in question, back in June of 2018. In order to function, the product collects a sizable amount of personal data, including email addresses, profile photos, location history, the precise location of a user’s lock, and more. However, the corporation’s claims state that its products keep such personal data secure. But, the FTC is charging otherwise.

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