September 23, 2021

FTC Comes Down Hard on This Children’s App Developer for Alleged COPPA Violations

The Federal Trade Commission has slapped a youth app creator with a $150,000 penalty for allegedly selling users’ data without parental consent…

Kids spend a lot of time on apps. In fact, children 8 to 12 years old in the United States average 4 hours 44 minutes per day of screen time. This, according to the nonprofit organization Common Sense Media in an October 2019 study. Of course, these numbers will only increase. So, it’s very important that children are afforded the most protection possible.

FTC Fines HyperBeard $150,000 for Alleged COPPA Violations

The Federal Trade Commission most definitely agrees with keeping kids safe. And, it’s just hit children’s app developer HyperBeard with a $150,000 to prove it. This, over claims the company violated privacy laws, particularly COPPA or the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

A recent complaint filed by the US Department of Justice or DOJ, alleges that HyperBeard illegally allowed third-party ad networks to collect the personal data of kids using the developer’s apps. And, that it did so without first obtaining parental consent or even notifying parents it was happening.

HyperBeard is the entity behind such apps as Axolochi, KleptoCats, and NomNoms. It bills itself as the largest mobile game creator and publisher in Mexico for both Android and iOS platforms.

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