September 10, 2021
FTC Operation Call it Quits

FTC ‘Operation Call it Quits’ Targets Operations Responsible for 1 Billion Robocalls

The FTC ‘Operation Call it Quits’ focuses on operations which have made one billion robocalls, in its stepped-up efforts to combat the problem…

The Federal Trade Commission has announced it has filed 94 actions against entities responsible for over 1 billion illegal calls.

FTC ‘Operation Call it Quits’ Targets Operations Responsible for 1 Billion Robocalls

The FTC’s “Operation Call it Quits,” includes four new lawsuits, three new settlements, and brings the total to 145 cases the agency has against robocallers.

One defendant, First Choice Horizon LLC, is charged with offering fraudulent credit card interest rate reduction services. Another is 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle, which pushed bogus money-making schemes.

Additionally, the Federal Trade Commission is joined by 25 other federal, state, and local agencies, which are pursuing 87 cases against robocall culprits as part of Operation Call it Quits.

Approximately 48 billion robocalls went out during 2018, according to YouMail, a company which makes mobile blocking apps. Just between January and April of this year, about 20 billion automated calls went out to consumers. Of those, nearly half were scam-related.

The Federal Trade Commission writes the following:

“The joint crackdown, ‘Operation Call it Quits,’ is part of the Commission’s ongoing effort to help stem the tide of universally loathed pre-recorded telemarketing calls. It also includes new information to help educate consumers about illegal robocalls. In addition, the FTC continues to promote the development of technology-based solutions to block robocalls and combat caller ID spoofing.”

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